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Such a cute little house! I love it's lines.

I have of course pulled my floor boards out, which I usually do first, and I've used red oak stain, since that was the stain can that was open and I seem to like that color. I stained them, only used one coat, and put them out in the horrifying heat outside and let them dry a bit.


Then I brought them back in and dry fitted the house together to see how it looked.

Jimmy came home and decided to take over at this point, LOL! He's assembled a bit of the shell and is using our special handy dandy weights (paint cans) to hold it down, along with blue tape, while the wood glue dries, all the while fussing at me because I forgot to bring the rest of the clamps home from the other house ... and I think, you were there on Saturday, why didn't you bring them home?

blog-6-1154484720_thumb.jpg blog-6-1154484810_thumb.jpg

Anyway, at this point the Orchid begins speaking to me. What's that you say little Orchid? You want brick? Are you sure? You know that each brick has to be hand cut and hand painted--each and every one, you know. So, you are sure you want brick? Yes? OK. That sounds like a fine idea to me too ...

Compliments of LPCullen

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You're going to do individual bricks? Boy, you really do listen to your houses don't you!! I can't wait to see how that comes out tho. It sounds gorgeous. Deb

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