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Floors are in & Stained

Minis On The Edge


The Floors are all in and stained now. I also did touch up painting on the insides of the house around the windows. I also added the wall downstairs but I put it in so that the opening is in the front and not by the door. I did this because it is sometimes easier to put furniture in the kitchen when the wall has a corner like this one does.


I used Corona Siding on my floors and cut them different lengths and then stained them

blog-4-1154483867_thumb.jpg blog-4-1154483886_thumb.jpg blog-4-1154483907_thumb.jpg

Now I have to add the clay to the upstairs because I want the acloves to have brick or stone in them :lol: .

Complements of Minis on the edge


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Tracy, as always, the house is simply beautiful. But I really love the color combination on this one. Those earth tones are wonderful and the interior finish is just great. Thanks for sharing a new product!Deb

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Thank you so mcuh Deb for your words of encouragement! Every house I go through moments of doubt and I am happy to hear that you all think the colors are okay because I was doubting them ;)

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Tracy, as always, you are an inspiration!!

Thanks for the info on the new product. I was wondering what to use on the exterior of my house to get the effect I wanted and I think this may be the ticket! That and a little bit of paperclay and I'm set!! ;)

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