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you would probably want to side this house after the outer trim is on the windows

here is how the windows go together for that "working"look


the frame alone....I had to use the actual window when installing the trim to get the correct amount around each side


this is how the inside lower window looks without the trim


and this is how it looks on the outside


of course I used waxy tac and it is crooked but I think it shows what it needs too. rather ingenious if you ask me!

I hope that is helpful!

nutti :lol:


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Looking great!

I have a question that anyone can answer. I have popped out all of the windows. There are 8 plastic inserts for the 8 windows (uppers and lowers). I am going to be glueing the inserts on soon and I am looking at everyone elses windows and here is my brain fart... Is there not supposed to be backs to these windows? Meaning once I glue the inserts on, there is no back window parts to glue to make a window sandwich. Am I correct? LOL

window sandwich ;)

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yes you are correct!

one window and frame in the lower spot in the inside and one frame and window in the upper spot on the outside. no window sandwich!

its helpful to paint or stain the inside of the trim in whatever color your window frames will be.

as I forgot this rule...I had to paint the upper "window" (inside the trim) a brown that I hope matches the stain on the lower window and trim well enough.

hope this helps!


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Thank you. I read the instructions a few times and was like OKAY. I already painted the frames inside and out. I wasnt having a heat wave brain moment after all! LOL

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