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Minis On The Edge


Well, every blog I try something new. This time I wanted to try something new I had found at Hobby Lobby. It is calledPaper Perfect and I wanted to try it to make the stucco or plaster effect on the inside walls downstairs.


I chose Mocha Creme color and it is very easy to use (Takes forever to dry though :lol: about 12 -24 hours ) but I really love the effect that I was able to achieved by using it. I did it last night before I went to bed so that I would not spend 12 - 24 hours touching it to see if it is dry (I would not be able to resist this urge :o )


I woke up and it was still damp so I put my fan directly on it and 1hr later it is dry completely. It comes in 8 Colors which and all you do is apply it directly to the wood. There is no mixing or extra steps involved. 1 jar can do the entire 1st floor (I don't have the inside walls installed yet because I want to do my floor first.

Complements of Minis on the edge


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I love the windows!!

Really really love the windows! I wanted to try this on my Orchid but I am afraid of the humidity. How long did it take to dry in this weather?

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Thanks Heidi!! I put this stuff on the walls around 10pm last night and when I checked it about 7am it was damp. I put the fan on it before I left and when I got back about 1hr later it was completely dry.

I like the way it looks (plus it's something new LOL) they have things that you can sprinkle in the jar to add special textures or interest in the paper. They are called "DecoArt Paper Perfect Accents" ;)

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and because you bought this in a color you will not have to paint it?

does it flake at all? and in what section might one find this product?

from what the photo shows it looks great!

I see a kitchen and bathroom being done with it.

and I also love the windows!

nutti ;)

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Nope looks like no flacking at all. It looks as if I put up a piece of expensive paper on the wall. I do not have to paint it at all. I think I got it in the candle or stencil section. ;) oh and it was only about $3.99 a jar.

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Oh Tracy I love those windows! They're just perfect. The house looks just great.

Thanks for the info & critique on the Paper Perfect. Think I'll look for that -- just love texture stuff especially when it's already colored,

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