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Minis On The Edge



I decided to show a little bit how I electrify the houses. I find it hard to explaine in words but pictures talk in words that I may not express well so here you go.

I am just adding the extra outlets that my customer wants in this house right now so that is what the pictures will show. I started out with an electrical outlet with a plug at the end pictured below. The end plug will fit into the electrical strip later on.


Now, drill a hole in the floor where you would like to add the outlet so you can feed the wire through the ceiling and down below the base of the house:


Now, take the plug and remove the prongs at the end of the plug. Place them in a cup or soda pop top where you can find them easily! They are so small that if they fall on the floor, they find a way to blend into the carpet or wood floors you may have :lol:


Now, gently remove the plug base (the white part) from the wire:


Now, take that wire and feed it through the hole that you drilled in the floor of the house:


Take the aper off of the back of the outlet and stick it into place on the wall:


After you feed the wire through the hole all the way to the base or bottom of the house, youwill then start adding the parts back starting with feeding the wire through the plug (white part):


After folding ONE wire in EACH hole (Two wires so one wire should fit in each of the two holes), you will then add the brass prongs in the hole in contact of the wire:



You can now plug this into a power strip and use your outlet. You can hide the wire behind moldings so they will not be noticed easily.


Hope this helps. I will show the next step when I get to that part while I assemble the house.



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Thanks Tracy for the pictures, I've never tried round wire so this will prove very very helpful. Please continue to show step by step directions of this.

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Tracy, that's fabulous! Your round wire tutorial is going to be a huge lifesaver for a lot of people! Thanks for sharing such great information.


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