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Minis On The Edge



I really wanted a Pretty Victorian house but once I showed the kit picture of the lily to a customer of mine....Well, her wonderful ideas changed my first impression of this house.

I started construstion on this house and I must take my hats off to all of you who have built this house WITHOUT the use of pictures. I am a very visual person but I must say, because I have built so many houses of Greenleafs (Plus I read the instructions several times and I had friends pictures that I have seen over the past months) I have not had any real problems in reading and followong the instructions so far.

I LOVE the interlock construction of this house. It allows you to dry build the house and really see how the house comes together without worrying about the glue setting in case of a misplacement.

These are pictures to help you along with following step one:


This is the interlocking of the first floor


This is a sidway glance of the first floor coming together.


This is step 2 & 3:



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