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Changed entry way



The more I looked at the bamboo entryway, the more I felt like it wasn't what I had in mind for the house. It just didn't quite work. So I pulled it back off and started over.

This time, I built the same type of frame I used for the sliding doors. While the entryway is too small to actually make the walls open and close, it does give the illusion that the walls would be moveable. To make the panels, I found a jpeg of traditional bamboo and crane artwork and sized it to fit the panels, then printed it on the same "rice paper" translucent scrapbook paper that I used for the shoji doors inside. It was constructed in the same way that the doors were and then I attached it to the entryway. One more panel went up on the side and I added a beam across the doorway.

blog-329-1144617048_thumb.jpg blog-329-1144617088_thumb.jpg

If you peek inside the doorway, you can see the main door to the house and the Buddha shrine.


With the entryway completed, I added the lantern holders to the fronts of the house and used the same trim to echo above the windows on the sides of the house.



And here's the front with the lanterns hung.


Now onto the landscaping!



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