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Exterior woodwork



Before adding the woodwork, I applied the stucco to the exterior walls. That was so much fun! I'd never used stucco before, but I'm a firm believer in it now. It's such a nice treatment and it really helps cover the seams where the walls were bashed.

I stained skinny sticks and used them for the planks on the porch. There will be lattice work added around the edges of the porch to create an entry way so I left off the end stick till I decided how I'll want to mount the enclosure.


I added a couple of filler pieces to the foundation sections under the bay window. The gaps were where the bay window would have been, so I cut a couple of pieces to fit and glued them in. With a little stucco over them, the seams aren't noticable at all.


The planking on the sides of the house are siding strips stained and glued on vertically. I really like the look of them and will probably use them that way again on other houses. The staining brings up the grain in the wood very nicely.


Once the planking was in place, I could start with the wood pane treatment on the upper portion of the house. I cut basswood strips to fit and stained them. I'm not especially happy with the staining now that they're on the house and will probably end up painting them a medium brown before the house is done. They need to be a darker color for the proper look and even using a darker stain on them still isn't exactly what I was looking for.


As long as I was staining strips, I did the smaller accent wood pieces for the interior at the same time.


The bamboo floors are placemats that are cut down to size. The bamboo cuts quite easily, but I discovered that putting a drop of glue on the weaving before cutting will keep the threads from unraveling after it's been cut. Once the bamboo was cut to shape, I glued it down along the edges.

blog-329-1143801943_thumb.jpg blog-329-1143801969_thumb.jpg blog-329-1143802000_thumb.jpg

Still a long way to go, but it's starting to take on a personality.



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I love how versatile the siding strips are, especially how they turned out on your house. Have you thought about restaining mahogany? Try a brownish-black wash.

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I love how versatile the siding strips are, especially how they turned out on your house. Have you thought about restaining mahogany? Try a brownish-black wash.

The wash is a great idea. I'm going to put the thatching on the roof first and see how that looks. The thatching is going to be the piece that pulls it all together so it would probably be a good idea for me to not fuss with too much till I get that on and get the global look of it. But I think you're right that the brownish-black wash is what it's going to want to complete the look.


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