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Bashed roof



I was a little nervous about putting on the roof after I'd bashed it so much and created a couple of new pieces for the roof top. I think I dry fit it at least a dozen times before I got the courage to actually glue it.

I put the sides/corners on the back of the house first since back of the roof connects to them. Once they were in place, I was ready to add the roof pieces in stages. I put the large pieces on the front of the roof first:

blog-329-1142936233_thumb.jpg blog-329-1142936270_thumb.jpg blog-329-1142936297_thumb.jpg

Then the pieces on the sides:


And finally, the roof top and the middle sections. I put the top on first and then adjusted the middle pieces to the perfect fit before gluing and taping them in place.

blog-329-1142936387_thumb.jpg blog-329-1142936418_thumb.jpg

It does look a bit rough at this point, but structurally, it’s all together. My next segment of building will be focusing on the exterior…..texturing the walls, adding woodwork and thatching the roof.

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Great Job!! Your house is looking so good. I love how the roof and windows turned out. Looking forward to seeing it completely finished.


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