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Putting up the walls



Now that all the "construction" work was done in whacking off pieces and creating others, I was ready to start the "R&P" part of the build. I wanted a light and airy look to the house, so instead of wallpaper, I'm using an ivory colored card stock that has a bamboo style texturing. The window woodwork is stained in golden pecan. The exterior color is a very light tan and there will be two shades of brown for the accent colors.

I painted the exteriors first and then papered the interior walls. The paint on the exterior is a base coat. I haven't quite decided yet how much woodwork I'm going to use on the outside or if the paint will be done in a stucco type of finish. Installing the windows was the next step after the wallpaper was on.

Here's the interior:


And the exterior:


I made the interior frames from strips of basswood and gave them an oriental flair with a longer segment on the top section of the frame.

With the windows installed, it was ready to put up the walls. (this is my favorite part) The side walls, center partition and the wall by the front door went on at the same time. I didn't get pictures of each wall going up individually because they pretty much go in simultaneously.

Here are views from both sides of the interior:

blog-329-1142934913_thumb.jpg blog-329-1142934968_thumb.jpg

And the exterior:


With the walls installed, the second floor went in next.


This wasn't a particular step in the building, but for some reason, I had a "Linda-moment" and just felt an overwhelming compulsion to turn the house on it's side. :blink::blink: ;) Actually, I was looking for any gaps in the joins and turned it around in all directions with a light behind it.


I’ve been totally impressed with the ease in which this house goes together. Even with the bashing, there hasn’t been a bit of trouble in putting the pieces together. I really like the interlocking pieces too. It’s a very solid and stable little house and really fun to fit together. I think it's also the first house I've built that didn't require any shaving of tabs and slots and there was absolutely no warping.


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