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Wallpapering Rest of Tower Room



Time to wallpaper the rest of the tower room. This room is a bit tricky because of its angles and the tower room itself. To get my first cut, I actually took the wallpaper and laid it on the outside of the house at the tower, face down, and made a crease to show me how the tower goes into the floor and around the tower, and then I cut along the crease. I then took the paper and laid it into the house. I also discovered that it was easiest to lay the house on its side to wallpaper this area. This area is also a lot of lay the paper down, make a crease, take the paper out, cut it, put the paper back in, make a crease, take it out, cut it ...

Once I have the paper laid against the back wall, I again rub the paper down against the tower, just running my finger and fingernail along the curves, which makes creases in the paper--and that's how I know where to cut the paper.

blog-6-1141533099_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533178_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533245_thumb.jpg

I then begin creating a line along the ridge at the top of the tower. This line is important, because it'll be a guide when actually gluing the wallpaper in. I take my fingernail and run it along the ridge at that line. That gives me a crease in the paper and again shows me where to cut it. When you turn the paper over after you've made your creases, you can see where the paper needs to be cut. Then I just take some scissors and cut it.

blog-6-1141533403_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533440_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533494_thumb.jpg

Now I've got my paper pre-cut and it's ready to be glued in. I will need to move and manuever this paper around a bit to fit into all its little nooks and crannies, so I liberally apply wallpaper paste to both the walls and the paper using a sponge brush.

blog-6-1141533590_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533677_thumb.jpg

One of the tricks to putting in wallpaper is--weirdly enough--to have a straight line to guide you. Remember the ridge cut? It's my guide on this particular piece of wallpaper. I lay the paper onto the wall, and then move/slide it down so that it covers that ridge.

blog-6-1141533804_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533868_thumb.jpg

I then check all my lines and smooth the paper down, just using my hands to rub it down a bit, covering all white areas (paint). I like to take a dry washcloth to finish rubbing the paper down to smooth out any wrinkles and/or air bubbles.

blog-6-1141533945_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141534025_thumb.jpg

There! The hardest part of that room is now done!

Compliments of LPCullen


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