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lattice work finished



I took this final photo of the "front" of the Mckinley

all windows are now in and drawers and lattice finished.

as I am typing I am waiting for the glue to dry on the porch and than I will be finished with that as well. I have not put in all of the door trims as I havent finished the decorating. I will make this an on going Christmas time project.

see what I will add next yr!

I loved building this house. if you leave out the bathroom built in and the false wall in the large bedroom than the rooms are a really nice size!

if I hadnt of liked the fireplace and stairwell as much as I do I would have left them out for more room as well.

this kit is very versitile in this way.

I would recomend this kit to a first time builder!

one reason is the hanging on the wall. its a total fab idea for displaying those miniatures we wish no one to touch! and because of the small front porch area...the builder can spend more time on the inside than the outside. a plus for those who would rather decorate the insides than the out.

The kit gives some choices about room design and the placement of some walls

again making the kit versitile for many styles of decorating.

the directions are easily followed but for the visual person like myself

MORE PHOTOS would be great. but than thats why we have these bloggs.

I will edit this post when I add the porch photo.

for now



nutti B)

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this is the cutest christmas house! i love this idea/concept. someday i would like to do a mckinely. I love the fact that its so easy to display!

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