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I have gotten to the roof issue. it is assembled and now I have to decide how to proceed. as I really want a flat roof for the reindeer. B)


I also attempted the tower roof. I have to admit..it got me.

I am waiting it out.trying to make it understand that it is a good thing to be a tower roof. ;)


all the peices marked and ready to go.


this held promise that it would work but after adding 2 more peices it all collapsed. I know I used tape for the Victorianna tower but I cant seem to remember how I did it. so I wait patiently for someone...ANYONE to post some wonderful hint as to how to get that thing together...."Ill uses hot glue!"

do ya hear me? HOT glue!

well Im not sure that would be a bad idea it should hold with all the textured paint and wood fill it will have on it.

I have also been working on furniture kits for this house. I have made the Chrysnbon cook stove! first time with this type of kit. loved it! went together nicely.

good instructional diagrams.

than I put together 2 House of Miniature kits...dry sink and the canopy bed.

the sink needs to have its hardware installed and it looks nice.

these kits are so wonderful. I would buy more to have around. wish they were still in buisness.

the bed was dressed tonight. and it has turned out sooooo smile worthy!

My SIL came down tonight for some mini time. and we created this bed!

and we both had big smiles.

hahahaha I am such a tease. coz Im not showing it yet!!




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