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the kit is here!




The UPS driver left the box on DH's truck's hood so he didn't have to get out of his truck, he was pulling out of the yard as I ran out to get the box. The first thing I did was to open the box to see if everything was there; one window's missing from the acetate sheet, but I have already thought how I'm going to bash this cutie and will make a replacement.I scribed floorboards & nailholes in the livingroom & upstairs floors & began to prime everything else. The "floorboards" have been stained maple & sealed & everything's lying flat to dry. The livingroom floor is already dry, so I masked it to prime the porch floor. I'll begin painting the porch floor & ceiling tomorrow & finish priming.One side of two partition pieces & one side wall needed filling with spackling compound, looks almost like termite holes!blog-13-1115757715_thumb.jpgblog-13-1115757727_thumb.jpgComplements of havanaholly



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