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I have actually been "finished" with the Westville for more than a week, but I have been waiting for some good natural daylight to photograph it. That hasn't happened yet, so I went ahead and photographed it today. Unfortunately, the actual colors of the house are not showing up because of the lack of sunlight, so I will re-photograph it at another date, perhaps when I do the actual "tour" of the house, since this is one that I will keep.I still have some exterior and interior trim to put on (as soon as I find it ...), but here is the outside of the house. The door is not actually installed yet, and the "stained glass" does not show well on the front door.blog-242-1128891276_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891316_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891350_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891389_thumb.jpgI had a lot of fun wallpapering this house. Here's a full shot of the back of the house.blog-242-1128891424_thumb.jpgNow I'll take you from room to room, and we'll start in the livingroom and work our way on around and up. The last picture of the livingroom shows the detail of the wallpaper. Jimmy designed me some trim to go around the bay windows on the inside, and he has not yet finished doing the window seat in the livingroom.blog-242-1128891455_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891489_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891523_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891565_thumb.jpgHere's the kitchen and diningroom. I had been wanting to use this wallpaper for quite some time, because I like it. The last picture shows the detail of the wallpaper. I have not yet finished with the staircase.blog-242-1128891597_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891634_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891678_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891717_thumb.jpgNow we go to the second floor. I wasn't sure if I wanted a bathroom in the house or not--mostly because I had found a vintage crib and wanted a nursery in this house, so, here's the nusery.blog-242-1128891748_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891786_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891819_thumb.jpgHere's the bedroom. I got a beautiful comforter set with different colors of purple in it, and I have a white metal bed which will go into this room. I'll show you all of that when I do the house's tour.blog-242-1128891847_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891878_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891909_thumb.jpgAnd, finally, here are the attic rooms.blog-242-1128891942_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891982_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128892015_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

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