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I completed construction of the kit yesterday, but today I finished the last item of decoration, the stove.

I marked on the back piece where the oven box would go and glued on the sides. When they were dry I painted the back between the sides & the adjacent sides ultramarine blue. I mixed black with the ultramarine and painted the rest of the foamboard stove parts with it. I had cut down some of the half-shingles to make a top and glued them to the back, and just below it I glued a piece of stripwod to hold the upper grill shelf.


I painted the razor package with two coats of black. When it was dry I glued the larger piece of grill to the top. I glued four plastic earring backs to the front of the razor package.

I made a top & bottom for the oven box by gluing together two layers of white posterboard, which I shall leave white. I made sides for the oven top.

After the oven door dried I outlined it with a silver-colored gel pen. I glued the watch bezel to the door for a handle (the door doesn't open) and I glued half a tiny steel snap fastener over the door for a damper. I glued it to the front of the oven.


When it was dry I glued the top & bottom on, and the sides. When all that was dry I glued the razor package to it. I glued the old watch battery to the middle of the back, just under the upper grill shelf.

I cut down two white plastic cocktail forks and glued one to each corner of the bottom of the oven bottom.


I cut the rest of the hinges & clasp from the clear half of the little plastic box left over from the kitchen link, and it is now a "pyrex" baking dish.

I installed the stove in the range surround. I am giving my friend white wire table & chairs for the alcove in the kitchen bay. She is on her own to make herself an icebox <_<


complements of havanaholly


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