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Jimmy's Architectural "Detailings"

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Jimmy has begun adding some trim to his house, and creating his own version of "architectural detailing".blog-317-1128050557_thumb.jpgHe has sort of white washed the railings, and then he decided to "break" some of the railings, to give it a more run down appearance I guess. He also cut some of the porch "planks" and made them stand up ...blog-317-1128050676_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128050687_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128050698_thumb.jpgNow, we seem to be running into a little problem here. Hubby seems to think that because he is doing this house with barely any input from me that he is entitled to full use of ALL (and there are many) of my paint brushes. That wouldn't be such a problem, but he usually ends up using the one that I need! GGRRRRR!Compliments of LPCullen

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