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September 29, 2005



I installed the "faucet" & "taps" on the bathtub first thing.


Then I dry-fit the roof and newspapered the attic portion. I also painted the bathroom portion over the left wall, but painted the corner where the other side of the left attic roof joins the front of the roof over the porch in situ . I'm going to leave the bedroom portion white & call it part of the ceiling.

I assembled & painted the chimney, and will begin to brick it later.

I cut down the Gillette razor pack and primed it with clear nail enamel. I also cut my grills from a plastic fruitbasket and painted them for the stove I'll build later. I had fun removing the surround from an old wristwatch for an oven door. It will be state-of-the-art, I couldn't get the watchglass to come out :o


I painted the roof trim pieces. I do NOT look forward to the verge/ bargeboards, the plywood has already begun to delaminiate for me <_<

I've installed the roof, this one fit the best so far :blink: . As soon as I finish the chimney I'll mark my shingling lines & prep the shingles. I'm still leaning toward a cherry stain.

complements of havanaholly


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