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September 28, 2005



Today I finished the interior trim. The red trim really looks good in the kitchen and the bedroom colors seem to go together. The bathroom is sort of monochromatic, but once I get the fixtures in there it may look better.blog-242-1128389994_thumb.jpg blog-242-1128390142_thumb.jpgI have one more complaint about the assembly. If, when I was originally building & installing the stairs I had known how the banister posts/ newels went I would have done them first thing in case there were cosmetic problems that could be corrected with spackle/ wood putty. Installing them at the end, so to speak, involves contortions of hands from the back of the house to assemble something at the far end of the dividing walls. Not fun. Of course, I would have done the stairwall strip differently, too :blink: <_< Amongst my many little "treasure" boxes are a couple full of what I call "found" objects (non-miniaturists might call them "garbage" or "trash") from which I selected items to make the bathroom fixtures.The lavatory is made from a single-serving whipped butter tub, three earring backs (like the kitchen sink) and scraps of foamboard & wall covering.The bathtub started out the clear acrylic "blister" from packaging that I painted white on the "wrong" side, with the aforementioned earring backs and a foamboard scraps surround covered with masking tape and painted the trim color.The commode is made from a wee wooden egg cup I found in one of the countless thriftshops we fisited on our trip this summer, the seat & lid are card covered with a wood-grain contact vinyl with a metal bead "hinge". The tank is a single-serving jelly packet with the flusher made from a jewelry finding & a bead.The wastepaper basket was once a single-serving coffee lightener container (duh).blog-242-1128390269_thumb.jpg blog-242-1128390440_thumb.jpgI have removed the roof/ gable pieces and I shall prep them tomorrow after I install the bathroom fixtures. I'm still thinking about what to color the shingles & how.complements of havanaholly


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