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September 27, 2005



Today I finished the windows for the livingroom. Because of the window seat I had to perform surgery on the interior bay window frames. The interior bay windows are awkward to install and I had to do one of them twice.

I "hung" the wall cabinet in the bathroom. After three tries it's still not straight, and all three times it was perfectly straight when I taped it in place; DH says it's just as well, perfection makes the gods angry <_< ; I told him I wasn't trying to make it perfect, just hang straight! Maybe once the lavatory is set up below it it won't look so bad, or I'll be readier to try again...


I taped the layers of the front door together to sand it to fit & the rubber jaw pads of my vice messed up the paint! I sanded both the surfaces again & repainted them and then installed the acetate, the doorknobs and the chamois hinges and glued the door together. I had little door keys with the exterior knob so I nailed one of them to the interior door trim. I shall install it tomorrow, once the glue is dry.


complements of havanaholly


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