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September 26, 2005



Oho, I just thought the punchout decorations for the porch were fiddly! The porch balcony railing is tinier & therefore fiddlier; fortunately for the recipient & my few remaining shreds of sanity the plywood behaved itself and everything popped out that was supposed to, & nothing popped off that wasn't supposed to, and I didn't bash anything to splinters with my hammer.The balcony rails are all glued together, painted & installed along with the last two bits of corner molding. I really, really like the balcony railings, especially those above the bay windows. Personally I think they would look just as good on the porch balcony, too.Since I painted the porch & balcony parts white I went ahead & removed & prepped those pieces of interior trim that will also be painted white, such as the livingroom & interior door trim & door surround, also the shutter backs. I have glued the porch window shutters together & shall install them tomorrow to see how they look.blog-242-1128389443_thumb.jpgcomplements of havanaholly


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