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Shadow Cliff Complete?

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Well, I have been having so much fun with this house. It is a shame I can't get outside to take some decent pictures of the house since it is still raining and there is a overcast outside ;) .

This is the way the UN-Haunted house looks so far. B) I "think" I am finished. I added a hand made rose vine to the front of the house and a "mossy" covering around the cave entry way. I added "wisps of smoke" to the chimney pots I made. This was a fast and fun build. I did not use the instructions because I did not like the format. I don't like to read instructions and I found these hard to read for some strange reason LOL. I am known for not reading directions even when I buy stuff from IKEA. My husband makes me put them together cause I almost always throw out instructions (Before we assemble so that is a problem for him LOL)

The house was so simple to put together that the instructions were not needed. Opps. I just remembered, I have not put the furniture together yet. (Where are those instruction :o <_< ). Please enjoy the pictures of what I have done! I can't wait to see what you all do to your kits. Remember, if you can dream it, it can be done!

Please note that this blogs haunted ghost skin was NOT picked by me but the owner of this forum. I do not create haunted houses! It's not my thing :blink: Love & hugs my friends :o

Now back to the dollhouse fun!

blog-317-1127764121_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127764188_thumb.jpg

blog-317-1127764230_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127764323_thumb.jpg

blog-317-1127764394_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127764433_thumb.jpg

blog-317-1127764526_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127764540_thumb.jpg

Complements of My Mini Shop

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Wow! Your UN-haunted house is AMAZING! I am in love with the dungeon and front porch. I would love to see more pictures once you get the furniture in and lights turned on. It's spectacular!!!

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Thank you so much for your sweet words! They mean a lot! I had a ball with it. I will take pictures later of the lights though I won't be the one to decorate it :) I am not going to keep it for myself :blink::)

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