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September 25, 2005



Today I removed & prepped the porch pieces and happily the plywood stayed intact. As there is beaucoup fiddly trim on these it's a very good thing. I really like the design of the porch for this house, with the front & back posts to give dimension to them. I had already primed these pieces on the sheets, so I gave everything a good sanding and glued the post & trim pieces together for the front & sides of the porch.

Then I painted one side of the porch pieces and whilst they dried I gave the attic window walls another coat of white paint.

After the first side of the porch pieces were dry I painted the other sides, and when they were dry I assembled the porch. Ooo.

The only fitting problem I encountered was on the left side, where I had to pry a bit to get the left side sort of between the front of the porch and the front corner trim, because the corner trim was over the edges of the siding; so there's a wee bit of skewing.

I then used freebie "shopper" newspaper ads to paper the attic window walls, because the type is fairly tiny. When I get to it I shall have to dry-fit the roof & mark the parts that constitute the rest of the attic walls, as they shall also need to be painted white & papered in "shopper" ads.


I'm considering following the instructions and doing the rest of the exterior (the balconies & shutters, I'm omitting some of the trim because of the contrast of the royal blue & white is pretty overwhelming) before I install the interior trim, since I'll need to hang the front door when I install the interior trim & I'm saving that for last.

complements of havanaholly


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