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September 24, 2005



I measured about 2/3 of an individual serving yogurt cup of white interior latex paint into a clean, empty glass jar with a lid and then added royal blue until I got a light blue and I painted the first course of siding with it. When it dried it looked snow-white, so I added what I thought was nearly half again as much blue as the original amount of white and when I got to a bilious bluish-white I quit and put a coat on the left wall before I went to bed last night.

This morning the wall was a lovely light blue, so I painted a second coat on the left wall and a first coat on all the others.

Whilst the paint dried I took my pieces of Michael's hutch bottom and painted the outsides red to match the kitchen trim. I painted the knobs on the doors white. I found a tiny plastic box that half was clear and half was white, so I clipped the hinges & clasp off the white half and it became my kitchen sink. I then reassembled the bottom with the doors, cutting a piece out of the strip of wood that had held the doors so the "sink" would fit and glued the two halves one on each side to hold the doors. Next I made cutout for the sink in the top and covered the remaining top with the same contact vinyl I used on the floor. I made a backsplash from the really skinny craft sticks. I used a knob-type earring back for the tap and two "butterfly"-type earring backs for faucets. I then painted the pieces of the hutch top the dark yellow-gold I'm trimming the bathroom & bedroom in. I masked the doors and painted their knobs with some glitter-gold nail enamel; they pop!


I save plastic mesh the way some people save pennies, and I found a bit in a crayon-yellow; so the doors have mesh backs. I also found some heart-shaped paper lace doilies and trimmed a bit off one edge and glued it to the edge of the shelf.


By this time the paint was dry, so on went the second coat and then I began to apply the exterior trim to the left wall.


This was about the time the friend whose DH is giving her this house for her birthday came by to check that this is indeed what she wants, and she seemed quite pleased.

I presently have all the exterior trim on except the door surround, which can go on in a bit, when the piece of trim next to it is dry enough to remove the clamps. I'm VERY glad I put on the siding before the trim!


I also put a second coat of white paint on the attic walls so I can paper them with Thrifty Nickel pages. Then I can start on the interior trim.


complements of havanaholly


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