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September 23, 2005



I find siding to be a lot like shingling, very relaxing.


I am finishing up the back partial walls at this time. It is really easy using the EZ Cutter, the roof slope appears to be a 60 degree angle.


I had to make foundation trim for the back partial walls. There is a side of a plywood sheet that is the correct width and was perfect, I cut one for each side and put two coats of royal blue on them and glued them so the right & left wall foundations trim pieces butted to them. Then I could lay my first course of siding and measure increments from there. The spring clamps work very well here, rather than masking tape, because of the narrowness of the partial walls.

blog-242-1128388074_thumb.jpg blog-242-1128388163_thumb.jpg

The other kitchen goodie I mentioned before is a china cabinet-style Michael's hutch that I have separated into an upper cupboard & a lower counter. There is not enough wall space in the kitchen to hang the cupboard, so it will go in the bathroom; my privacy wall has plenty of room, and so do the walls on either side of the double window.

complements of havanaholly


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