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Day 19 & 20 09-16/09-17-05



Jimmy has continued to shingle the roof, and he is almost finished. He bought a little ridge cap thingy to go over the top of the roof. I have decided to leave out the chimney. For the creases inbetween the roof lines (where you can see some blue tape), he took a piece of siding, cut it in half (long-ways), and then scored it down the middle and bent it and placed it in the creases.blog-242-1127441523_thumb.jpgblog-242-1127441535_thumb.jpgblog-242-1127441547_thumb.jpgI have gotten stuck on the trim colors. I have just not been happy with anything that I have tried, and it has gotten me confused as to what I want. I tried a medium green, which you can see in the next picture, and it was OK. I also tried an olive green, which I didn't like at all. I have decided to go back to using the teal, because every other green that I use makes my base color not look right ...blog-242-1127441556_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen


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