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September 20, 2005



Yesterday was errands & an evening canoe & kayak club meeting in Tallahassee & this morning was mentoring in the HOSTS (Help One Student To Succeed) program at our largest elementary school. In between I've been painting all the exterior trim even though I'm going to side before installing corner & window trim. Why paint the trim now? Because I'm going to use the royal blue trim color to tint a good bit of white paint to get the shade of light blue that will "match" the dark blue trim color. Like I said, this house isn't for me...I went ahead and applied the foundation trim, since the siding comes to the top of it, and I trimmed the bays, since they don't get any of the siding. I traced where the corner siding will come so I can leave a "margin" under it for the siding. Now I'm waiting for the first coat of royal blue to dry on the corner trim so I can finish it with a second coat. Since I have to paint the edges that show and then the flat surfaces, it takes four passes with the brush to paint each piece with two coats to cover.blog-242-1128387354_thumb.jpgI hope I like this house as well when the siding goes on. Applying siding is terra incognita & I have trepidations trying something new when it's for somebody else.complements of havanaholly


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