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Or so I would like to think. I didn't really read the directions for this one, for some reason I found the print difficult to read. I kept with the kit design on this one except for changing the stairs. I filled in the staircase hole and moved the stairs into the other room against the wall. I plan to put a fake trap door at the top of the stairs in their new spot. Instead of making a haunted house, my house looks more abandoned. The glazing has been knocked out and vines are growing through the partially boarded windows. The door stands ajar, probably from some adventurous child on a dare.I hinged the front door with hem tape, it worked very well. I used spray paint (my new best friend) to paint the house and the trim. The yellow paint went on very streaky which gave the trim a very old weathered look. I loved it. I left the porch post off but used the decorative pieces. I made the railing from another piece of scrap wood and mitered the adjoining edges.The vine is from one of those tiny wreaths you can get at the craft store, 6 for 99 cents. I soaked the wreath in warm water until it became pliable and then I stuck it on the house. I used tape to hold it into place until it dried and then added glue to tack it down in spots.I'm going to try to find a home for this adorable little house, which is why I didn't go all out. As it stands now, the new owner can continue with the derelict house theme, make it into a halloween house, or (with a few changes) into a cute little cottage. I love this house. I would keep it if I could.Compliments of CatColorado


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absolutly perfect!

I love this little house. it can be any kind of house. not gonna keep it? to bad for you happy day for some one else! I had always planned on keeping this one. and spray paint???

it looks so good!

love the vine...Im gonna have to look for something like that.


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