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September 18, 2005



I painted the bays and foundation white, also the door.

I removed & sanded all the exterior window & door trim and sanded it and assembled the double window top trim and hoods for the non-bay windows. Next I gave all the trim & windowsills two coats of royal blue paint.


I found a few more discrepancies between piece names in the instructions vs. what's on the schematic sheet, someone with a bit of time might want to go through them and coordinate.

I glued the exterior door trim to the door and it pops.

I then traced the exterior trim over the openings on the house and drew lines for siding placement 5/8" apart. I took two pieces of siding to see what spacing distance looked best, and by golly, that looked good.

Now I've assembled the porch foundation and step sides & riser, and when the glue is dry I'll glue on the step, paint it all white and install it under the porch.

blog-242-1128386774_thumb.jpg blog-242-1128386867_thumb.jpg

I'll go ahead and remove & prep the corner trims so I can trace them onto the house corners. I think I really want to do this, so the siding will be tucked under the trim I'm going to install after the siding is on & painted.

complements of havanaholly


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