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Decorating the shell

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I have been pretty busy the last few days. I started gluing on some left over siding to the inside walls.blog-317-1126541107_thumb.jpgThe ceiling needed some boards as wellblog-317-1126541208_thumb.jpgNow to begin the long process of aging. I am applying many coats of wash in varing shades of gray to get the desired look. It seems every time I put a coat of wash on, one or more of the boards would warp. So far I have used 4oz of glue on this house. Here are a few pictures of the begining of the aging processblog-317-1126541437_thumb.jpgI made the aging inside a lighter shade then the outside.blog-317-1126541468_thumb.jpgThe second floor was glued on last night. It took a lot of sanding, as I had to compinsate for the thickness of the wood added to the walls. I also had added the boards in a way they covered the tabs, and the slots, so some areas had to be sanded, or carved out.Today I will work on aging a little more and making sure it has full coverage. I hope to get to adding the boards on the floor of the second floor as well.Compliments of DarrellandMelissa

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