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sept 11

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hmmmmm where did I leave off??well last night I stained all of the inside trim and the floors of the haunted house the Mahogany stain I like so well. than I went to the internet site where I had see this ghost comming out of the wall. I wanted to achieve this effect in some way. so I got out the foil,cheescloth,fabric stiffner and the head I made earlier this month with glow in the dark fimo.blog-317-1126497811_thumb.jpgyou can see by the photos the aluminum foil frame. I draped the cheescloth and sprayed WELL with stiffner. let dry overnight. while waiting for this to dy I took some of the peices I stained and started to install them .like the handrail in the stairs and the stairwell bannisters. by this time its 3am and I gotta go to bed. when I got up and got started I took the foil out of the ghost and than I glued both parts to the wall. Im not sure if anyone else can tell the ghost is suppose to be going through the wall but I can and I like it.blog-317-1126498075_thumb.jpgthan I started going through some of the furniture I had set aside for this type of project and started dressing the place...I wanted to make sure it made a good first impression on the friends and family.blog-317-1126498182_thumb.jpgnow I dont have a sink and an old witches house Im sure would not own a fridge.so Im going to build the trestle table and put one of my wash barrels on it and the hand pump I have....dry sink. the stove doest look so bad.blog-317-1126498309_thumb.jpgthis is the spell room and the bedroom much left here to do...I am in a wait and see period now...coz I cant do anymore untill the lights I have ordered gets here.than I will know how to proceede with the chimney.still have made no choice on how to finish the porch. or what color to trim the house in....I really am leaning to using the same blue/purple I used for the spell room for the shutters and fancy work.no I need to make the front door stained glass and the bedroom window and Ill be done with inside. this has been a fantastic project. and I have loved doing it!cant wait to see more......TTFNnutti <_<

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