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Day 14 09-10-2005



I have been trying and trying and studying and studying and eyeballing the attic area of this house and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it. After much trying, studying and eyeballing--as well as discussing it with several other people, I have decided to make it into -- an attic! It's just too small to do anything else with it, and I am afraid that I DO NOT have Judith's abilities, so bashing it was out of the question. Especially since hubby has already put the roof pieces on ...So, what to do with an attic ... hmmm .... thinking ... I have decided that part of it will be utilized for something else, but I am not sure yet. Not sure if I will make it a place to hang clothing, an office, a sewing area, or what, but I've decided to wallpaper it.blog-242-1126497884_thumb.jpgblog-242-1126497919_thumb.jpgNow, the other section of the attic I have decided to make pure attic. So, I'm wallpapering it in a sort of pink textured, something, sort of trying to achieve maybe an insulation look? Not sure if it will look that way in the end, but that's the general idea.blog-242-1126497991_thumb.jpgblog-242-1126498009_thumb.jpgBefore I can complete any more of the attic papering, I have to finish up the painting, especially the edges. Jimmy has also installed the back part of the boards, so I have to get those painted too. I also changed my mind about the teal accent color, and have "whited" it out. I am still not sure what color I want to use ...blog-242-1126498112_thumb.jpgblog-242-1126498127_thumb.jpgblog-242-1126498136_thumb.jpgTomorrow I will take a picture of that almost impossible angle that Jimmy created for me to paint ...Compliments of LPCullen


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