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September 11, 2005



I finished staining & sealing.blog-242-1127866751_thumb.jpgWith the instructions in hand I began with Part A, Step 1 to R&P the parts needed for Part A; as I removed each piece from its respective plywood sheet I checked it off the instruction sheet list with a pencil, prepped it by sanding the edges (much splinterier than the Arthur or Glencroft, guys) and replacing the occasional bit of ply that went flying (this batch is a bit on the brittle side); I had to fill a spot with wood putty because the missing piece had vanished, and I had one wall that one side was groovy in a not-good sense & I filled those with spackle/ polyfilla.The porch and balcony floors will be dark blue, so I went ahead and put two coats on, sanding between coats and used a foam brush.blog-242-1127866590_thumb.jpgI "tiled" the kitchen & bathroom floors with self adhesive vinyl shelf-liner, a lovely golden-beige "marble" for the bathroom and a cute "marble tile" with red accents for the kitchen; I painted the floors with wallpaper paste and lay the liner pieces on them and smoothed them. They are face-down drying beneath my old med-surg textbook. Once dry I'll trim off the excess, slots, etc.blog-242-1127866917_thumb.jpgWhile they are face-down I'll go ahead and prep & paint the first floor ceilings as soon as I find the paper lace doilies I want to use for decoration so hopefully I can begin the dry-fit tomorrow.blog-242-1127867134_thumb.jpg complements of havanaholly


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