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September 10, 2005



Apparently while I was scribing & staining & then labeling I completely forgot about the fact that the attic has a FLOOR.Today I finished priming everything I'm going to paint, paper or otherwise cover, I used the can of Krylon I used on my last two Buttercups; the stuff goes on thick as gel and spreads & fills like anything.I stained the stair treads & risers walnut, I have a few that missed getting masked and have been primed, on one side, so if I use them low it oughta be OK; I'll also stain over the primer.Anyway, I was looking at what was done and LO! There was that naked attic floor looking reproachfuly back at me. As soon as all the walnut is dry & before I have at it with the clear sanding sealer (Pittsburgh Paints Oil-Based, we spare no expense when it comes to whatever's on sale :blink: ) I shall carefully scribe and stain my poor little attic floor <_< blog-242-1127866368_thumb.jpgcomplements of havanaholly


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