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september 8, 2005; or, it's finished




Not really "finished", but the construction is DONE!!!

The front yard did not want to fit levelly across the fron t of the house, so I got insistent.


The short fence sections take the seven pickets nicely at 1/2" intervals (center of one picket to the next); however, to continue this spacing on the longer (left front) fence sections takes only NINE pickets, not the ten suggested in the instructions. I used seven pickets on the gate. The whole fence got two coats of paint.


The gate hinges I got look very good, but you can't see them because I hinged the gate to open inward, as on the box photo, and then installed the fence before I realized I hadn't taken a picture of the hinged gate (since I had already installed the handle on the front of the gate there was no way to get a good picture of the hinge anyway).

I installed the windowbox under the kitchen window & as soon as the left fence glue dries enough to remove the clamp holding the side of the fence to the yard I can plant my flowers.


I ordered the little sign kit from HBS and whilst the glue dried on & in the windowbox I painted "The Sprig of Holly" sign & installed it.


I have begun tracing furniture patterns.

complements of havanaholly



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