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September 7, 2005




I popped out the yard pieces and began prepping them yesterday. I applied the edge pieces and step piece WRONG,


I discovered today when I was able to collect all the scraps into the box bottom & study the picture on the box top. All the pieces have been popped off & glued back on.

The gate went together really well, although the instructions tell you there are 12 gate pickets and you actually only use seven of them. I found the gate hinges in the first place I looked for them, they'll go on when everything's painted.

The yard needed a bit of cosmetic surgery to accommodate the fenceposts, very minor. The fence has gone together nicely. The post pieces that get glued over the frame pieces aren't quite as wide, so needed very careful sanding to get it better. I'm considering pulling out the spackle tub before I paint, which will be after I get all the little pickets glued on.

Since, as Linda mentioned, there are many, many pickets to apply, I figured I'd go ahead & blog whilst waiting for the glue to dry. I have most of the right fence done & the left end of the left fence has a picket on it. I measured to place the center picket on the fence sections taking 7 pickets, then eyeballed between them, and shall eyeball for the last four pickets on each fence section. I am measuring the 1/8" up from the bottom to get the edge even.

The walk and step turned out well and I've glued down the grass paper on the right side of the yard. I'm only gluing the perimeter of the yard area "grass".


complements of havanaholly



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