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Bits here and there.




After the quilts were done, I got into classic British murder mysteries-- I read all of the Inspector Appleby books (Michael Innes) that Kindle offers (very sad to run out :(), then I read all the Inspector Grant (Josephine Tey), then I started in on Inspector Alleyn (Ngaio Marsh). Very absorbing, and a nice break from everything. :prop:

Meanwhile I have picking here and there at the house: I discarded the turret because it didn't look good or fit well, and decided to go a different way that I think fits the rest of the house better.


On Amazon, I found this plastic railing that I bought several of-- a full piece is lying on the right side of the photo, and it can be cut up easily to fit in a variety of places. Which is what I'm doing with it. I also found this "grass"-- I haven't cut it yet so we'll see how it does. First I have to figure out how much space needs to be taken up by shrubbery beds, so can't cut the grass to fit yet...

I've been struggling with how to finish the porch. I will have to get on google and look at inspiration. Meanwhile I did decide that since I like porch lattices so much, this porch will have one.


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