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(Slow) progress...




Got the roof shingled and painted! First coat was dark, then used light gray for intermittent touchups. At first I thought it was too dark overall, but it's growing on me. I'll continue to ponder on it.


But those roof trim pieces were bugging me: the larger front one wasn't as wide as the others, and there was too much dark/congestion going on. So I painted over the mini-fishscale shingles with a lighter green, and ripped up the roof trim pieces: widened the one, and shortened the porch one, added some features, and redid the "jewel" placement:


I like this much better. I figured out what to do about the drab bricks: added copper paint wash, which gives a subtle but definite sheen:


Working on shelves to fit that angled roof space in the large bedroom; takes care of the whole awkward trim problem:


About time to start thinking about window dressings!


What are those little mice doing up there:


While shopping for Hallmark ornaments (I've gotten them for the folks for Christmas for years), couldn't leave this one behind! :prop: It's too cute-- the Fisher Price school, and the side drops down and everything.

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