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It took all of an eighth sheet plus one row of shingles from a ninth 9"x12" sheet of paper to complete the roof; for you math-impaired (like me) that is more than 800 sq in of roof.On top if that the first coat of lacquer sort of dissolved the pastel chalk pigments; they're there if the light is just right. After I touch up the roof seams with black paint & it dries I'll hit the roof with a second coat of lacquer and then go over the slate "lines" with colored pencils. Or maybe just leave well enough alone.I masked off the section of yard in front of the exterior door to prime & then paint a grout color. When it's dry I'll spackle it and carve "paving stones".blog-241-1126380140_thumb.jpgSomewhere I have some railroad landscaping "grass" from the Cambridge front yard that I'll use for the rest of the yard.complements of havanaholly


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