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Tiny Houses, No, Really




So, I live in a tiny house. Like, literally. It's 280 square feet. It's a vintage travel trailer from the 50s. I do have my old trailer, which I use mainly for storage, where I'm currently purging, with the goal of eventually getting everything down so that eventually, life can be lived in under 700 square feet.

But it brings up interesting issues when you're working with dollhouses. What takes up not much room in the world of tiny, can take up a ton of space in the world of tiny houses. And I'm building an apartment ;) 

The majority of the build took place in my tiny house, but the house itself, will live in the other space, at least until I have a new home. 

So yesterday, after the last of the beams had been fixed in place, I took the shops up to my big place to live. The other apartments will be built out in what I lovingly call my tiny house "the minty turd". 

What would I do if I didn't have the big place? Probably make the apartment building weatherproof ;) but I'd prove that when it comes to dollhouses, space constraints shouldn't constrain your dreams.






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I'm also a tiny house inhabitant. My husband, nephew and I live in 600 sq.ft.....and I just started my first dollhouse build. Eventually I will have our shed rehabbed for my studio, until then I do my best to keep things cleaned and organized. It's a good thing that I lean toward minimalism (although this dollhouse really isn't minimal) lol. 

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Hi! I am not in a "tiny house" but am in a "tiny space" (550 square feet) and just beginning to use it as a studio for cigar box and dollhouse builds as well as living in it. Sometimes I am here on my own and sometimes my musician partner is here, too. My art supplies are in a closet and I have an art cart of sorts under our dining room table (which is also my work table.) It is getting interesting. Would love to know how others manage to put projects away and stay tidy. I can see where every bit of wall space will soon be used.

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