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Johnson Towers

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Johnson Towers 2




So, this weekend I was working on Johnson Towers and I've been having the occasional structure frustration. Until the ceiling joists are in, the shops are a tad on the fragile side. But, I did manage to get the inner walls done, and dry fitted. I've since this picture glued the furthest inner wall, and I'm currently re-gluing some other walls to be a bit stronger. 

Other than that, I've had decent progress. I was able to order a bundle of 3/8" square dowels off Amazon, the best deal I've found yet, 50 36" long dowels, when before, I was getting then in bundles of 15 at 24" long, and the ones on Amazon are 20 cents cheaper. Which is fantastic. The Towers are going to require a ton of wood. And that's just the structure. 


I've also been doing a lot of window shopping and idea harvesting. I've made a Pinterest board you might enjoy


Hopefully by tonight, or tomorrow, I'll have this all glued properly, and can finally get going on the joists. I'd like to get started on the insides soon!




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