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Backwards and forwards.



Dry-fit of staircase and landing railing looks good:


Added a matboard back to staircase-- matboard is flexible enough that it went with the curve. Painted, sanded, repainted, spackled, repainted, gessoed staircase and it still looked terrible. Decided to rip off those photo-corners and wallpaper the thing, with matboard trim. Much better (after cutting out mirror image of wallpaper trace that I actually needed :dunce:):


I got one of those battery boxes, though 17" may be a bit short for some of the runs (may have to do some splicing); you can see here where I had to un-install the bathroom tile flooring because I'd forgotten that I needed to lay a wire run here for the kitchen light below it. :dunce: Good thing that plastic tiling peels right off! Installed the bay walls because I need to install the 3rd floor to start routing the wire-works:

large.IMG_3983.jpg.1a2a0ddb3e17cf3832590  large.IMG_3984.jpg.dc18960a0b9ede9cd3832 

I love the matte yellow kitchen tile floor that I got from Ernie's.

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