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Johnson Towers

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So, I've wanted to build this building for years. When I finally grabbed a set of plans after years of searching, I was thrilled. 

I'm basically building this on a budget. When I've got money, I pick up parts. One of the reasons I really like this plan, is because it uses 3/8" square wood, and the levels are done one at a time, in sections that you then stack. So not being able to afford an entire front wall, isn't a thing. I can take my time, build a section, and when I can, build the next section. Each section takes around 50 strips or so, and each bundle of 15 is around $12(on sale). I do wish I could find cheaper, bigger bundles, but for now these are working. The biggest use of wood is the ceiling "beams" that are used to help support the structure.


Right now I just have the shops started and I'm currently stalled with wood until I order some in the next few days, and then I'll get back to building the frame. Then I'll start building in shelving, and create slide out room boxes, using foam board, to make decorating the shops a bit easier than reaching in almost 2 feet deep towards the front. It's not a tiny structure.


So, 4 shops below, right now, those are a donut shop at the first end, seen in the picture, then a tattoo parlour, a dispensary (yes, that kind) and then finally, a grocery. And before you think this place is in the sketchy part of town, think again, this is going to be pretty upscale, trust me ;) 



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