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Beacon Hill at last




I waited 10 years to get a Beacon Hill. I didn't want to build one, and I couldn't have one shipped off ebay, so I had to wait until one showed up locally. In 10 years, I saw 1 perfect Beacon Hill (finished and furnished) get away due to the seller being 3 hours away. They were only asking $75! But then many years later another one appeared. The house was done nicely on the outside, and the interior was unfinished but primed except for the hallways. They wanted $200, but it sat for weeks and went down to $60. Seller delivered it to my door amazingly! It was meant to be and I love this house. My 1:12 miniature collection is now complete! 

It all happened so fast, I felt like this house was making it's way to me as much as I was trying to get it into my collection. Definitely meant to be. Fate is great.




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Exactly what happened to me.  I waited one decade for My Beacon Hill, spent countless hours online browsing through pics, dreamed about it... I bought the kit but was too intimidated to start building it, it sat in my basement for three years.  Then on ebay, I found the Beacon Hill I was meant to have, by a professional dollhouse maker at a great price for custom made.  I bought it, hired an uber driver to bring it three and a half hours to my parents' home in Pa, then crated it and took it on the airplane with me to bring back to Greece, where I live during the winter months.  Don't regret it one itota.  I loved it when you talk about fate and that you were meant to have your Beacon, I could not agree more!!!!  I added a basement and many trees and street scenes, but here it is when I first saw it.


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On 1/20/2018, 5:17:56, rbytsdy said:

Nice build! And nice deal. Are you keeping the exterior colors? I love that pale yellow.

I think I am keeping the yellow...I find it pleasant and cheerful but not too bright. I might add some flowers and some lacey accents. I like the brown shingles more than I thought I would. Some additional lacy trim on the mansards would be nice. I love this house.

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