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The work continues...




A lot has been done since I last posted.  I've had problems loading pictures, so I'll try again with this post, but it may not work.. ...

Anyway. I have gone over the entire house with a container of wood putty at hand. (I use elmers wood putty, in a square plastic container).  I've filled in all acracks, then gone back over the house and filled in cracks I missed the first time.  (And just this very day found yet another gap that needed filling..)  Once the wood putty dried (I wait at least overnight), I sanded all the cracks, carving out excess putty where necessary. 

I've painted most of the rooms, and fill finish painting the rest of them (and do touchups on the Great Room) later today.  Somewhere in the Greenleaf instructions is the message about priming everything.  This house has not been primed.  Why is that a problem?  Priming the wood helps when painting rooms later, and/or putting on wallpaper.  The primer seals the wood, so that glue doesn't leak through, and over time, the wood doesn't "bleed" through the paper.  Priming also helps if you ever decide to re-decorate your house, and want to re-paper -- the older paper peels off more easily from primed wood.

Priming and painting reminds me how important it is to "dry fit" your house -- put it together using tape BEFORE you glue.  This way, you can envision what kinds of finishing you want to do -- paper walls, or paint them?  Finish floors, tile them, paint them, or something else?   Where are there areas that you won't be able to reach once the house is glued?  You will need to paint or paper those place BEFORE gluing them -- like the area along the wall of the staircase on the Glencroft. This area is almost as difficult to reach as the wall in the kitchen of the Garfield.  I'm painting that area on the Glencroft right now...wishing I had a "live dollhouse person" to get in there to paint.  My hand barely reaches into the gap.  It's necessary to paint the area (I'm not going to even try to wallpaper it...at least I don't think so. I may change my mind.. :) )  I've got the area primed, but found another gap (see paragraph, above ) so filled that and will wait for it to dry.

I've also either made the window frames for the insides of the windows...or found windows in my stash of "spare parts" from other builds.  I also found two doors from my Garfield which I didn't use. They need to be cut down, but then will work perfectly for the doorway between the Great Room and Kitchen (the first floor).  I'll also use them as a template for a door for the second floor.

I'm going to try to post pictures, now..  wish me luck!  :)


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