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Attic pretty much complete




So, I haven't added anything for a while, however I have been steadily working on my house.  I'm mainly doing tidy up bits. I have put in the electrics for the attic, I've finished the large roof skylight.  I'm putting scotia in - or at least I'm trying to.  For the life of me I can't figure how to do the corners - being a weekend tomorrow I can get hubby to show me!  Tomorrow we're also going to a Miniature Show!  I've not been to one before so really looking forward to it!

Hmmm.....seems I can't upload pics directly to the blog any more - so I'll just add some new ones into the gallery.


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I'll bet the show will be tons of fun as well as inspiration. I just got done looking at your album. Wow!! Love all the light and how the function of the entire piece is raised now. It's a magical attic now with lots of stories to be created in it. Your hard work is paying off!!

In one of your pictures, I wrote that it reminded me of peeking in the window of the one in the movie version of "the velveteen rabbit". The movie is nothing like the real book which is normally infuriating to me. This time, it seems to bring a different perspective to the story that works.

As to the pictures, the tech folks tell us they will have it fixed at some point. Patience is the key, I guess. Not one of my better virtues. Some folks are figuring work-arounds but I'm not quite as tech savvy as some are.

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