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Pretty colored wood



The past two days have been spent happily turning sheets of wood into pretty colored walls.  I love wallpapering!  The feel of the paper under my fingers.....the whisk, whisk sound of the scissors....the transformation from primed wood into miniature walls with teeny flowers and leaves.....it's a creative process that gives me a great deal of joy.  


Since my building style is to decorate before assembling the house it looks rather random at the moment but it's a big step forward to have all the wallpapering done.  I even did the ceiling paper and for a change, I didn't cut it backwards.  <grinning>  I have a habit of usually cutting at least one ceiling paper upside down but I made a focused effort this time and got both ceilings correct the first time.  Yay for little victories!


Itsy Bitsy Minis came thru for me in a big way by mailing out my order for 4 sheets of green Tin Heart paper within three hours of my order and I got it today.  In fact, the mailman delivered it at almost the exact same moment that I finished the other rooms and all I had left were the walls with the paper I'd ordered.  How's that for perfect timing!   I truly do love that paper and it's a toss up for "house favorite" between that and the attic paper.  I'm madly in love with Itsy Bitsy because all their papers are so perfectly scaled and they have luscious colors and delightful designs.  The paper is also a high quality and goes on sweetly with nary a bubble or wrinkle.  


 I'll let the glue dry for 24 hours and then trim the edges and start on the window frames.  I've decided to make my own frames rather than use the ones in the kit simply because this house style  calls for mitered corners.   With strips of basswood and my easy cutter, it's a simple task and one that I enjoy.  I've already finished the six interior frames for the bay windows before I forced myself to stop for the day.  It would be so easy to slip into the Zone and keep going but my body would make me pay for that extended effort later.  


Seeing the frames dry fit over wallpaper leads me to decision making time about the color of the interior woodwork.  Normally that's a no-brainer for me because I always stain the woodwork to match the floors.  I'm ALL about the woodgrain!!   But for some reason this house wants painted woodwork.  Perhaps it's because of its low-country style or maybe it's just the choice of wallpapers, but whatever the reason it insists on painted woodwork. 


That means more painting and more colors!  Whoooohoooo!  At first I thought I'd paint it all white but after getting the wallpaper on it seems that each room would like to have its own personal color.  All the furniture is white so I don't want the trim to pop, but I think I would like to tint it just a teeny bit.  You know how there is eggshell white that has a slight blue tint and seashell white that has a pink tint?  Well, that's the route I'm going to go.  I'll start with white latex as a base and for each room I'll add an undertone tint that coordinates with the wallpaper and the eventual dressing of the furniture.  Since I love mixing my own paint colors, this is going to be a lot of fun!  


Installing baseboards won't happen for awhile but since I'm thinking about woodwork, I need to decide on what style it'll be right now because the color impacts that choice.  In keeping with the low-country design and the era of the house, I'd like to do deep mopboards with 3/4 round baseboards in some of the rooms.  I need to make a run to Michael's for more basswood strips but I know they carry the depth and size that I have in mind so that's easy.  I wasn't sure if I'd need more 3/4 round strips (boy those have gotten expensive in the past few years!!!!) but luckily I still have enough to do this house in my stash.  I also like to use the teeny 3/4 rounds (1/16") for the interior corners because I think its a nice finishing touch and there's plenty of that in my stash as well so I'm good to go!  The good thing about having started this house four years ago is that I still have every single item that I'd ordered for it all boxed up and waiting for me to build it.  Except for paint, three sheets of wallpaper, and some more basswood strips, I haven't had to buy anything for this house.  In a weird way, it's like shopping at home because everything I need is already in my inventory, I just need to remember where I put it.



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