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I've been working on priming both the interior and exterior of the Tennyson and putting it into its last dry fit. I think of this phase as "auditions" because it's when I make the final decision about so many things. There are always a few little changes to be made and I'd rather do it now than discover I don't like something later.


I used the exterior paint to prime the outer walls and make sure that the colors are in proportion with the scale once they're on the whole house. Color does have scale just like anything else and sometimes what looks good on a small corner of the house distorts when it's on the entire body. Fortunately, I still love these colors as much as ever so no more tweaking is required. Once I get the rest of the trim on the house, the greens and ivory will be in perfect proportion.






Another auditioning process during this dry fit is to make sure the wallpapers are still what I want to use now that the color is on the house. There were two papers I'd selected that were a bit too ivory for the overall look. They're gorgeous but they stood out as individual rooms rather than harmonizing with the whole so I pulled them and rummaged thru my wallpaper stash for substitutions.


I found two that I really love and am delighted to use in this house. I suspect that one of them was my "alternate" since I have six sheets of it in an unopened package. The second was a "Yay" moment when I found my favorite Itsy Bitsy Wallpaper design.....Tin Hearts in green. I used that in the kitchen of the last custom ordered house I built and adored it. It's delicate and lovely and the colors are just perfect. It suits the tone of the house so well. And there was only one sheet. I was momentarily daunted until I ran off to the Itsy Bitsy website and discovered that they still have the design in stock after four years. Wooohooo! I ordered four sheets and within three hours got the email saying it's on the way.


This is the final selection of wallpapers:




I had a good laugh at myself yesterday. In the baggie with the Tennyson window trim were two pieces of dormer gingerbread so I held them up, approved the look and got them all painted and glued together. I taped them to the window and did a little oohing and aaahing over the way they look. Sweet! Then I glanced at the picture from the kit and realized that the Tennyson doesn't have gingerbread in the eaves of the dormer. LOL! I have no idea which kit it came from since I often decide not to use some bit or another of trim on a kit and toss it into the "fun scraps" box but apparently I'd decided that I liked it on the Tennyson four years ago and put it in with the window trim. Good to know that even if my memory is faulty, my tastes remain consistent!


One other change I decided to make was in the wiring. Again, it's a matter of faulty memory vs. having been organized enough to put all the components together four years ago. This time when I pulled out the wiring parts, I got to looking at them and decided that it would be easy enough to add a few more outlets for lamps on all three floors without complicating the wiring schematics. I laid it all out and as I was penciling in the diagram on the floors, it hit me that I'd already made this decision and forgotten it........but my memory was clicking back automatically as my hands knew where to go next. For stroke survivors, any memory jog is a victory so I was doing a little happy dance in the studio. I'd planned on wiring a couple of the non-electric lamps so I pulled those along with the bulbs, wires, and plugs needed and was happy to re-discover that it's all within my skill set. Another big Yay!!


Now that everything is planned to my satisfaction, I'm getting ready to head to the studio and take her out of dry fit to start drilling channels in the floors for the wiring and then start wallpapering! I like this part because I love watching the stacks of wood turn into pretty colors!

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I like how you placed the wall paper in the "rooms" to decide what works.  I would never have thought of doing that.  I am still on my very first build so I am far from ready for wall paper, but I can't wait!!!

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