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Who's idea was it to cut new windows???????????




Seriously?? Was I really that stupid???
I have realised today that I only ever share my successes! Now while this is a very human thing to do, I also recognise that it doesn't clearly show the blood, sweat and tears I have - thus far - put into my Pierce. No does it explain that while I may attempt to be a perfectionist - I very rarely create things as perfectly as I would like!
So I had the fantastic idea of putting in skylights and creating more space in the attic. When I had the idea I believed we had a scroll saw with which I could do it. However, the scroll saw has somehow gone missing leaving me to attempt to cut the windows and everything else out as well as I can with the limited cutting tools available. Needless to say then, that I now keep a pack of band-aids in the craft room... These photos show the frustrating time I have had today in creating the rounded trim for the top of the windows. I tried cutting it from thicker basswood to match the rest of the trim I cut and painted last week. I managed to cut 5 out okay. Then I also had 3 hoods to cut for the outside - I didn't cut any of those successfully - so then I tried to cut them out of thin basswood which I could double. I managed to cut the sixth smaller hood but as you can see in my rubbish bin - I wasted a lot of wood and I still haven't managed the outside hoods. I'll try them again another day. My next job is to finish cutting the skylights in the large roof. As you can see I made an attempt to do this using my dremel-type tool and cut a few straight bits. Again this was when I believed I had a scroll saw to use! I now know I haven't - and if I hadn't have made a start I think I would have given up on the idea. Now though I have to struggle and get these blooming windows cut out..... I must put another box of plasters on my shopping list....


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Step away for a bit and breathe! You CAN do it!!

Don't expect perfection on the first time through. Think about it that you are making practice one or prototypes or samples and suddenly the ones you make will turn into the ones you want.

One thing I've learned is to never plan for the first attempt at any part of miniature building to be the way I really want it. Remember that old saying "practice makes perfect".

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Hang in there Shareb!  I think yor skylights are a beautiful idea.  Like Selkie said, just step away for awhile, sometimes a different way to go about something will come to you.

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Thankfully after asking hubby to help me (as it's Saturday) to cut out my last lot of windows he has let his fingers do the walking and found a cool Dremel Moto saw!  And I'm allowed to go out and buy it!  Funny how men love tools - whether it's for them or not!  YAY!  I will post the results as soon as I have them!  Thank you lovelies!!  You are so incredibly supportive and positive - very thankful I found this place!

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