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The Chantilly arrives at it's new home




It's taken some time and kindness of strangers, but finally I have the half-built Chantilly home. When going through the box I realised I had no windows, doors, dormers, filigree and a few other things. Thankfully another box has been found and will be sent to me - will be interesting to see what's in it!


I have to consider who will be living in this cottage before deciding how to lay it out. The only thing I'm sure about is that this is going to be a stone cottage.
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blogentry-62950-0-44211800-1436777167_th blogentry-62950-0-75370100-1436777169_th


I love how big the rooms are! It seems a waste to have one whole room as a bathroom! I'll have to have a good look at other Chantilly's to get an idea of how this one is to be completed.
Typically the cats had to check it out - but I think they gave it the seal of approval!
blogentry-62950-0-90285600-1436777108_th blogentry-62950-0-18280400-1436777112_th
blogentry-62950-0-44713300-1436777115_th blogentry-62950-0-97737900-1436777117_th



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It's never too late to bash, don't forget. The roof could be raised a tad to incorporate a lovely little third floor. (that's an idea I have for the one in my stash)

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